Are Home Generators Really Worth the Cost?

A home generator can protect you in the event you lose power to your Ruston, LA home during a storm or disaster situation. But are residential generators worth the investment required to purchase one?

There are some key variables to take into account here. Different types of generators cost different amounts of money. In addition, some people live in areas more prone than others to disasters and power outages.

In general, though, the following are some of the most prominent reasons to buy a home generator for your property:

  • Keep the sump pump running: If your power goes out during a storm, a generator can be especially crucial in that you can use it to keep your sump pump running. Without a functioning sump pump, your home will be vulnerable to flooding and all the expensive damage that comes with it. Sump pumps remove water from the foundation and sump pit after it reaches a certain level, so if you’re in the midst of a bad storm, you’re going to want to make sure your sump pump remains functional.
  • Keep powering medical devices: Some people have medical devices that rely on electricity to run. For these people, a power outage could prove to be life threatening. Examples include breathing machines, hospice equipment and a wide range of other devices. A generator is a necessity for people who rely on this type of equipment each day to live comfortably or to survive at all.
  • Keep your business operational: If you work remotely or run a business out of your home, you could experience some challenges during a power outage that could cause your business to lose steam. If you have to shut down your business for the duration of the outage, this could damage your bottom line and the way people perceive your brand. You should make it a point to use a generator for reliable operation.
  • Keeping your well operational: If your home uses well water instead of a municipal water supply, you need electricity to keep the well operational. You draw water from the well with the help of a pump that runs on electricity. Water will stop flowing while the power is out, and could potentially get brown or rusty depending on how long it remains still. A generator will ensure you always have access to clean running water.
  • Use in other scenarios: Even if you don’t need a generator around your home, there are a variety of other scenarios in which they could be beneficial. For example, if you enjoy camping, you can bring a generator along with you to power a camper or equipment. If you have a property with a boathouse or other structure that harbors electrical equipment, you can power it with a generator.

These are just a few examples of compelling reasons to buy a home generator for your property. Contact J & B Air Conditioning, Heating & Gutters to learn more about the residential generators we have in stock in Ruston, LA.

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