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Avoid These Six Problems by Installing a Chimney Cap

A chimney cap covers your chimney’s opening. It offers protection from the elements and, when installed correctly, solves more problems than it causes. Fortunately, any issue arising from chimney caps in Ruston, LA is easily addressed with cleaning and maintenance. If you keep up with those tasks, you will enjoy the benefits. Here are six […]

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What’s the Best Material for Ductwork?

You don’t have to be an HVAC expert to understand the purpose of your home’s ductwork. The ducts connect the powerful motor and blower of your furnace to vents throughout your home. Your ducts funnel cold air where it’s needed during our humid Louisiana summers and make sure you’re nice and toasty during the winter. […]

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What Is a Roof Jack?

Your roof does a lot of work to keep your home sheltered and dry. When storms hit your area, leaks can form around roof venting. Your roof usually will have several vents, such as those for water heaters, sewers and furnaces. If the flashing around those vents deteriorates, water can leak and cause major damage […]

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