Common Signs That Signal the Need for Air Conditioner Repair

Have you noticed strange smells coming from your air conditioner? Is their hot air coming from it? Have you noticed leaks on the ground below your AC unit? These are all signs that you might need AC repairs in Ruston, LA. If you think your air conditioner needs repairs, it’s best to contact a service provider right away. A small issue could turn into a much larger one if left alone too long. Learn more about common signs that signal an issue with your air conditioner and decide if it’s time to contact an HVAC contractor in your area.

Bad airflow

Your AC unit is supposed to blow cold air efficiently through your home. If the airflow is a bit weaker than usual, your AC unit might need repairs. You may first want to check if the air filter needs replacing. An air filter covered in a thick layer of dust will prevent strong airflow, and is also bad for your health. Any number of issues could cause poor airflow, though. For example, serious issues like a broken motor or worn-out fans could cause airflow issues. It’s usually best to have a Ruston, LA expert in AC repairs assess the issue for you.

Strange odors

It’s never a good sign when your AC unit is emitting strange smells. Not only are the smells unpleasant, but they could mean your unit has burned wires and other problems. Different smells signal different issues. When your AC unit emits a skunk-like smell, for example, the issue is likely with the ductwork. This smell is gross and could mean that there is dangerous gas seeping into your home.

Another strange odor that some AC unit owners experience is a mildew-like smell. More often than not, this smell means there’s mildew built up in your AC unit. If this is the case, it’s important to have your AC unit cleaned, as mildew can cause major health issues over time.

Grinding, squealing or buzzing

If your AC unit is making any strange noise, it’s a cause for concern. A squealing noise, for example, might mean that there’s an issue with your unit’s motor. Squealing is also common in older AC units when there’s a problem with its belts. Buzzing sounds often mean that certain components of your AC unit are loose. The sounds could also be signaling an issue with your compressor.

Air comes out warm

The main purpose of your AC unit is to keep your home cool. If your system is blowing out warm air, it’s best to get it fixed right away. As with some of the signs mentioned above, hot air coming from your AC unit could mean a bad compressor. Units with a refrigerant leak also sometimes blow hot air.

If you’re in need of AC repairs in Ruston, LA, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. Many of these issues are relatively quick and easy to fix. For AC repairs at fair prices, contact J & B Air Conditioning, Heating, & Gutters today.

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