How Do I Prepare My Air Conditioner for the Summer?

It’s starting to heat up, and that means summer is right around the corner. One of the worst things that can happen in the summer is when you go to start the air conditioner (AC) on a particularly hot day and it doesn’t work. There’s no way you want to be sweltering through all that humidity and heat all summer long—that’s probably why you got an air conditioner in the first place!

If this happens at the start of a heat wave, you can be sure that most HVAC contractors in Ruston, LA will already be swamped with orders, and you may have to live in the heat for several days.

To avoid this dilemma, now is the time to check your air conditioner to prepare it for the summer. This way, you’ll be able to complete any necessary AC repairs in Ruston, LA before the busy season begins. Here are some common things to check before the heat really starts to kick in.

Outdoor air conditioner units

On outdoor AC units, one thing you want to check first are the panels that protect the electrical connections inside of it. These must be properly secured in place for the unit to work correctly. There may be missing or damaged panels due to weather or curious critters. If you see something out of place, call an HVAC contractor in Ruston, LA to fix it.

You also want to make sure to repair any damaged insulation around the pipes connected to the unit. If this foam insulation is damaged or missing, your air conditioner won’t work as efficiently as it should. That means you might be spending more on energy bills—or it might not even cool you off at all.

Finally, make sure to remove debris from the outdoor condenser coils. If the coils are blocked or covered in any way, they aren’t able to efficiently transfer heat as designed. Make sure there’s good airflow around them at all times to maintain peak air conditioner efficiency.

Indoor air handler units

There are also things to check on indoor air handler units to make sure you will be ready for summer. A good place to start is with changing the air filters. It’s a good idea to do this once per season—especially before the summer kicks into high gear.

You should also check the drainage hose, which is sometimes called the condensate line. Make sure it’s attached securely and is draining to the proper location, whether that’s a drain or a condensate tray below it.

Make sure to clean the supply vents and return grills as well. These need to be free of debris, including dust and pet hair, so it might be a good idea to vacuum the grills before summer arrives to make sure the air will be flowing freely when you need it most.

When you’re looking for AC repairs in Ruston, LA, contact J & B Air Conditioning, Heating, & Gutters today for professional, personable service and a quality guarantee that can’t be beat.

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