How To Get Your AC Ready for Winter

Is your home prepared for the winter? Is your AC prepared for the winter? You may not believe that you need to do anything special to your AC before the winter since you won’t be using it, but winter AC prep is essential for many reasons. By ensuring your AC is ready, you will be protecting it from inclement weather, including ice, snow, and even the buildup of rust.

Tips To Prepare Your AC for the Winter

Winter AC care is essential. Here are several tips you can implement, to make sure your AC will be ready once the winter is over. After all, if you do nothing and leave it exposed to various seasonal changes and conditions, you could cause damage to your unit that could be pretty costly just to repair.

Here are a few steps you can take to get your AC ready right before winter approaches:

  • Turn Off AC – You can locate the disconnect switch on your AC and simply turn it off. If you don’t have one, then you could turn off the breaker on the main panel. By doing this one small task, you will be making sure that your AC cannot be turned on even during certain days in the winter that are milder than normal.
  • Clean your AC unit – Cleaning your AC unit includes wiping away bugs, dirt, bird droppings, and anything else accumulated on top of your AC unit during the summer months. In addition, you want to ensure that you get rid of any branches, leaves, and grass piled up by your unit.
  • Change filters – If your AC filter is clogged, it could cause dirt and other allergens to enter your home. Just by changing the filter in your indoor unit right before the start of winter, you will have prepared for better air quality.
  • Check pipe insulation – Ensure that the foam pipe cover is in good condition and that the copper tubing is not exposed. The insulation on your AC keeps your pipes protected against frigid temperatures. If you notice any exposure on the pipes, you can use zip ties or duct tape to secure the foam.
  • Cover the AC unit – The best thing you could do to protect your AC unit from snow, cold, and ice is to cover it. If you are wondering what to cover it with, waterproof vinyl will do just perfectly. You could even use a vinyl rope or bungee cords to secure the cover in place.

Should I Schedule Frequent Maintenance?

If your goal is to prevent issues and keep your system running smoothly, then you shouldn’t think twice about scheduling regular maintenance. This could help save you money on your utility bills. Furthermore, you will have a unit that will last you for many years to come.

Make sure that your AC unit is well-maintained. It could save you the hassle of dealing with it when the summer approaches again.

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