How To Stay Warm and Comfortable in a Hurricane

Comfort and hurricane are two words that don’t seem to belong with each other. After all, there is nothing comfortable about being in the middle of a natural disaster. 

But for those who experience hurricanes frequently, it pays to know how to stay warm and comfortable, especially if hunkering down for a while. 

Of course, safety is even more important than comfort. But they do tend to go together. Especially for those who are not used to living with the constant onslaught of hurricanes, having these helpful tips should prove advantageous.

Board Up 

If you’re located directly in the hurricane’s path, boarding up doors and windows won’t do much. But if you’re in the vicinity, though not a direct hit, this can help protect your home from getting damaged.

It can also help protect kids and pets that might become stressed and agitated about the situation. The same goes for individuals suffering from panic and anxiety attacks. The loud howling noise from outside can be very concerning, so diffusing that in any way possible would help. 

Stock Up

There aren’t a lot of silver linings when hurricanes are involved. But one of the biggest advantages is that hurricanes can actually be predicted. There are warning systems that raise the alarm ahead of a hurricane. 

It would be ideal if you already have supplies ready in your home. But in case you don’t, at least you’ll still have some time to grab essentials like food, water, and medical supplies. But also, keep in mind that stores run out of supply too, especially during times of emergency.

Keep your peace of mind by having stocks of supplies ready on your property at any time. 

Power Up

The extent of damage from a hurricane extends far and wide because of its mobility. Even if it doesn’t hit a property, other crucial infrastructures can be hit, like power lines. That’s why power outages are common during a hurricane.

The good thing is, you don’t need to stay in the dark. You can get generators and put them to good use when the time comes. Make sure to use them right by following the generator safety tips. Generators for hurricanes are especially helpful in keeping you and your family warm and comfortable despite what’s happening outside.

There are different types of generators available, so pick one that will suit your needs best. Keep in mind the size of your property as well when choosing your generator. 

Consult with professionals like J&B Air Conditioning, Heating, & Gutters for better guidance on your generator purchase. 


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