Winter’s on the Way: Time to Prep Your HVAC System

As the holidays approach, the days are getting shorter, and temperatures are falling in many areas like Ruston, LA. In most parts of the country, your home’s HVAC system’s heating will come into play, if it hasn’t already, but the switch your HVAC system makes from cooling to heating is a significant change.

When preparing to use your heater before winter, there are several steps you can take to ensure that the transition from air conditioning is seamless.

This article will cover some methods of winter prep for HVAC systems.

Schedule an inspection in the fall

Experts recommend having your HVAC system inspected at least once per year. The best time for this inspection is during the fall. This is because an HVAC technician can ensure that your home’s heating system is in top working order before winter when you’ll need it the most.

The technician will not only inspect your system, but he or she will make any necessary adjustments to have your HVAC system ready for the cold months ahead.

Change your filters

Changing your HVAC system’s filters every few months is just good practice and a nice way of preparing to use your heater before winter. You should make a habit of checking your filters every thirty days and replace them at least once every ninety days. Doing this guarantees that you and your family are breathing clean air.

It’s especially important to change your filters before the winter because your HVAC system will be working harder during the cold months, and you don’t want your system to run inefficiently due to faulty air filters.

Switch your furnace on while the weather is still moderate outside

This is a trick that many people might not think to use. Before the weather turns extreme, you should turn on your furnace at least three times, just to make sure that it works properly. You can set your thermostat to your predetermined desired winter temperature, wait until your home reaches that temperature and then turn it off.

You don’t want to find out that your furnace doesn’t work on the first cold day of the year, so it’s best to give your HVAC system a dry run while the weather is still mellow outside.

Update and set your thermostat

Digital thermostats are all the rage these days—and for good reason. They make it easy to pre-program your home’s temperature and are more accurate than traditional thermostats. If you don’t have a digital thermostat, for your family’s comfort and your wallet, consider investing in one.

If you already have a digital thermostat, make sure to change the temperature programs from summer and fall to winter. This means you’ll have to set the parameters to have the temperature lower when you’re at work or sleeping and higher when you’re typically home. You can experiment with what temperatures strike the balance between comfort and cost until you’re satisfied.

Call for your HVAC tune-up today

Now that you know some valuable methods of winter prep for your HVAC system in Ruston, LA, give us a call at J & B Air Conditioning, Heating and Gutters. We’ve been in the HVAC business for over 40 years, and we not only offer free estimates, but we guarantee all of our work for 50 years.

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