Avoid These Six Problems by Installing a Chimney Cap

A chimney cap covers your chimney’s opening. It offers protection from the elements and, when installed correctly, solves more problems than it causes. Fortunately, any issue arising from chimney caps in Ruston, LA is easily addressed with cleaning and maintenance. If you keep up with those tasks, you will enjoy the benefits. Here are six problems you will avoid if your custom sheet metal services provider installs a chimney cap:

  • Water: Chimneys collect water, which can leak into your attic and interior walls. This development causes water damage and mold growth, which is hazardous to your household. The chimney cap keeps water out of your chimney and, as a result, out of attics, ceilings and walls. You no longer need to fear bulging ceilings, peeling walls or mold invasions when you cap your chimney.
  • Living animals: Many people have stories of raccoons, birds and other critters building nests in their chimneys. In the worst-case scenarios, rats gain access to your home through the chimney, or you arrive home to find pigeons flying around your living room. Snakes seeking a warm spot often enter houses through chimneys as well. If you add mesh siding to your chimney cap, you keep these critters out, along with the odors and destruction they can cause.
  • Dead animals: Animals may get stuck in chimneys and die, which allows the smell of decay to waft through your home. Besides being very unpleasant, decomposing corpses also expose your home to germs and disease. Never handle animals, whether they are dead or alive, on your own. If you mistake an animal for dead, it may bite you and expose you to rabies and pathogens. Call a chimney sweep or animal control in Ruston, LA to handle any critter issues with your chimney, or install a mesh chimney cap to keep them out.
  • Flying sparks: Caps keep some things out, but also keep others contained. The chimney cap acts as a spark deflector, which keeps your roof and any combustibles on it from igniting. Flying sparks can also ignite your neighbors’ homes if they fly out during a windstorm. While it may seem like we’re overstating the issue, a chimney cap can prevent a catastrophe and help you enjoy your fireplace without worries.
  • Downdrafts: While it requires particular conditions, wind can create a downdraft into your home. If this happens, it pushes smoke into your living room and creates a miserable situation. Even if you do not have a fire going at the time, downdrafts spread ashes and bring chilling breezes inside. If you install a chimney cap, you avoid this problem.
  • Aesthetics: Before you add anything to your home, you likely want it to look aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, chimney caps come in many materials, colors and styles. You can customize them for masonry or metal pipe chimneys. You can choose an expensive copper style or a design that fits your budget. No matter your home and chimney style, there is a cap that will work for you.

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