Best Ways to Check Your Electric Heater

Did you know there are ways to tell if your electric heater is going to fail? One of the best ways to check your electric heater is to perform an electric heater check using an ohmmeter, which is a tool used for measuring electrical resistance. You can also check for certain signs of oncoming failure, including strange sounds and higher electric bills.

Below, we cover all the information you need on ohmmeters and how to use them for an electric heater check. We also cover other methods of checking your electric heater for signs of failure.

More about ohmmeters

Before using an ohmmeter, it’s best to gain a good understanding of these devices. As mentioned above, ohmmeters measure electrical resistance. Different meters measure electrical resistance as different sensitivity levels, which include micro-ohmmeters, mega-ohmmeters and milli-ohmmeters. Micro-ohmmeters, which we primarily discuss in this article, are often used to calculate low electrical resistances.

Micro-ohmmeters are usually small enough to hold in your hand and feature a display and dial. There are also two cables (one red and one black) that attach to the bottom of the device.

How to use an ohmmeter for an electrical heater check

While there are several ways to determine the efficiency of an electric heater, ohmmeters are one of the most practical. Using them is simple if you have experience. That’s why it’s best to have a professional examine your electric heater from time to time.

If you already own an ohmmeter and need to use it, you’ll first want to plug it in or insert a battery. Touch the leads together to zero the meter. Adjust readings to zero as well. Disconnect your heater before using the ohmmeter on it. Adjust the scales of your ohmmeter to tens, hundreds or thousands. Lastly, touch the probes to the circuit, and check the reading.

Most ohmmeters come with instruction manuals that explain exactly how to use them. Defer to the manual if you’re having trouble, and contact a professional if you need further help. Anytime you’re working with electricity, things can get dangerous. If you don’t have much experience, have an HVAC professional check your electric heater instead.

Finding the right ohmmeter

Doing a quick search online will offer a list of top-quality ohmmeters. Sift through these options, and find the one that fits your needs best. You can check reviews and even watch YouTube videos explaining some of the different types. It never hurts to ask a professional for their opinion as well.

Ohmmeters can range greatly in price depending on how you plan to use them. That’s why it’s important to heavily research these devices before making a purchase.

Make sure your electric heater is working at maximum efficiency

Ohmmeters are one of the best ways to check the efficiency of your electric heater; however, you can’t beat having an experienced HVAC professional perform an inspection. Professionals can easily determine if it’s time to repair or replace your electric heater.

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