What’s the Best Time of Year to Check Your HVAC System?

Professional HVAC inspections are an important part of providing your system with proper care. Most experts recommend having your HVAC system checked at least twice a year, but when is the best time of year to check your HVAC system?

While it’s important to get your system checked whenever it’s showing signs of failure, fall and spring are the best times of year to schedule professional maintenance on your HVAC.

Below, we cover many of the reasons why you should be sure to get your HVAC looked at in fall and spring.

Prepare for warm summer temperatures with spring maintenance

Summers can get especially warm, meaning you’ll be using your air conditioner a lot. This increased usage can put a major strain on your system if it isn’t running efficiently. Avoid high energy bills and a hot home by providing your HVAC system with professional maintenance in spring.

Fall maintenance gets your HVAC system ready for cold temperatures

During the fall, you can enjoy the leaves changing colors and mild temperatures; however, soon after fall is winter, which often brings cold temperatures and increased heat usage. It’s important to prepare your HVAC system for this increased usage by investing in professional maintenance, as you don’t want your heater failing you on a cold day.

Getting the jump on HVAC maintenance in the fall can even help you save money, as a lot of people wait until the last minute to schedule professional service. Waiting until the beginning of winter may mean you can’t find an available HVAC service professional. Some companies may even increase their rates in winter.

HVAC system maintenance

Taking care of your HVAC system is easy, but there are several things you’ll want to remember. For example, it’s important to change your air filters as necessary. Clogged air filters can put a heavy strain on your HVAC system. Plus, you don’t want dirt, dust and other allergens constantly invading your air supply. Most recommend changing air filters around once a month, though this can vary.

Another important aspect of HVAC maintenance is taking care of repairs as soon as possible. Those small problems will only grow over time, and you may find yourself having to pay expensive repair bills. Common issues with HVAC systems include leaks and corrosion.

The importance of proper maintenance

Performing the right maintenance on your HVAC will ensure it lasts long without the constant need for repairs. While it’s possible to handle some maintenance on your own, it’s also good to have a professional come in. Professional HVAC system maintenance should include testing, cleaning and inspecting. During an inspection, an HVAC professional will check for and repair any problems. This will help ensure your HVAC system runs efficiently, no matter what season it is.

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