Common AC Problems and Fixes

There’s no such thing as a homeowner who enjoys fiddling with their HVAC system. When it’s warm outside, you want the air conditioning system to supply cold air. When it’s chilly, you want warm air pumping through the house. When it comes to your thermostat, you want to set it and forget it. So, when you expect one behavior from your HVAC system, and it spits back another, it can be very irritating.

Before you enlist the help of a qualified HVAC contractor in Ruston, LA, it might be helpful to understand what’s going wrong. Here are some of the most common HVAC issues and tips for how to fix them.

Clogged filters

The first thing to check if you notice issues with your air conditioning and heating is the air filter. The filter’s job is to remove the minute particles of dust and dirt that circulate through the air. However, those particles don’t just disappear. Over time, they build up in your filter and compromise its ability to do its job. When your air filter is clogged, your air is dirtier, and your HVAC system has to work overtime to do its job. That can lead to premature wear and tear, as well as increased sickness in your household.

Thermostat problems

If you notice that your AC is blowing out air that’s much warmer or colder than your thermostat reads, you could have problems with the thermostat. Sometimes, these surprisingly sensitive gadgets will malfunction one way or the other and require replacement or recalibration.

Strange noises

You know what your furnace or HVAC system generally sounds like. When it turns on, there’s a booming click and then a reassuring hum as it continues its cycle. If you notice anything else, like a constant whine or rumble, then you should immediately call in a professional HVAC contractor in Ruston, LA to assess the situation.

Preventative maintenance is key

Far and away, the smartest step you can take to preserve the life and health of your HVAC system is to schedule regular maintenance. All it takes is one call to a reliable technician to set up a recurring service for your HVAC system. Ideally, you should have your air conditioning serviced at the beginning of the summer and your heating serviced during the fall.

Routine maintenance can end up saving you thousands of dollars in repairs over the life of your HVAC system.

The team you can trust

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