What’s the Best Material for Ductwork?

You don’t have to be an HVAC expert to understand the purpose of your home’s ductwork. The ducts connect the powerful motor and blower of your furnace to vents throughout your home. Your ducts funnel cold air where it’s needed during our humid Louisiana summers and make sure you’re nice and toasty during the winter. What you may not realize about ductwork is that it comes in a wide variety of materials that are suitable for different purposes.

What’s the right ductwork material for you, and how should you instruct your sheet metal company in Ruston, LA to move forward? We’ve got you covered.

Sheet metal

Easily the most common type of ductwork is made from rigid sheet metal. The benefits of sheet metal ducts are numerous. They last forever. They’re relatively cheap to install. Best of all, a talented sheet metal company in Ruston, LA can craft custom sheet metal ducts to fit any space. They can be square, round and even used for decorative purposes.

Some sheet metal ducts add an extra layer of fiberglass insulation to reduce noise and improve energy efficiency. Those are both attractive propositions, but it’s worth noting that the fiberglass in these ducts has been known to deteriorate, sending particles into the air. They also develop bacteria more efficiently than their “stripped down” counterparts.

Fiberboard air ducts

Fiberboard air ducts offer unique benefits in specific environments. They prevent water vapor infiltration and provide some sound dampening abilities. Unlike sheet metal ducts with a fiberglass insulation layer, fiberboard air ducts are sealed to prevent fiberglass particles from entering the airflow. Because they’re also somewhat flexible, fiberboard air ducts can be crafted on-site to fit any nook and cranny.

That said, there are some critical drawbacks to fiberboard air ducts. First, they’re prone to bacterial growth. Second, if you need to use your ducts for ventilation, fiberboard air ducts are borderline worthless. Finally, because the surface of fiberboard is rough, it can have a detrimental impact on the flow of air and overall energy efficiency.

Flexible air ducts

If you have a space where a rigid ductwork system simply won’t work, flexible air ducts are a cheap alternative. These plastic and steel ducts are typically round. Unfortunately, the longer they extend, the more energy is lost. What’s more, for all their supposed flexibility, the more bends and folds you have in your flexible air ducts, the less efficient they end up being.

Find the right ductwork for you

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