Freshen Up Your Air Conditioner with These Homemade Fragrances

Not many people realize that their air conditioner offers the perfect way to freshen up their homes. Simply adding some simple and easy-to-make fragrances to your air filter could have your home smelling amazing in no time.

Keep in mind that it’s important to be careful when trying to add the fragrances to your air conditioner. You don’t want to accidentally damage your air conditioner by adding harmful materials or chemicals.

Read on if you’re interested in making a homemade air freshener for your air conditioner:

  • Dryer sheets: Dryer sheets offer a cheap and effective way to make your home smell great. Simply place a few dryer sheets into the ducts behind the room registers of your air conditioner. Once your air conditioner turns on, your home will be filled with the smell of fresh laundry. Notably, some dryer sheets have stronger scents than others, so you may need to use more or less of them, depending on your preferences.
  • Scented air filters: A few companies make scented air filters that can fill your home with a pleasant scent while filtering out dust, dirt and other pollutants; however, some of these products don’t work as well as advertised. If you’re considering scented air filters, it’s first important to do plenty of research.
  • Potpourri bags: Take a small piece of fabric, and place your favorite scented herbs and spices onto it. Tie the fabric; then place it into the ducts behind the room registers of your air conditioner. The smell of your favorite herbs and spices will quickly fill the space. Popular items for potpourri bags include cloves, rose petals and lavender flowers.
  • Lemon scent: A lemon scent is one of the easiest to create. You simply need to fill a small spray bottle with water; then add a few drops of lemon essential oil. After adding the drops of lemon essential oil, shake the bottle lightly to mix. Then spray the mixture into all of your home’s air vents for full coverage. Use a lighter touch at first to be sure the smell doesn’t overpower your home. You can gradually add more over time.
  • Other essential oils: Lemon essential oil isn’t the only one you can use. In fact, you can add a few drops of almost any essential oil to the water in your spray bottle. Along with smelling great, essential oils can also have a relaxing effect—just be sure you really like the scent before adding it to your air filters. You don’t want to end up having an obnoxious scent filling your home every time the air conditioner is on. Popular essential oil scents include lavender, peppermint, cedarwood and lemongrass.

As you can see, making a homemade air freshener for AC filters is actually quite easy. While the fragrances mentioned above can help cover certain smells, it’s best to have an expert check any strange odors coming from your air conditioner or heater.

Strange odors can sometimes indicate a major problem with your unit. Contact J & B Air Conditioning, Heating, & Gutters today for all of your air conditioner maintenance and repair needs.

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