Spring Maintenance: 4 Tips to Help Get Your Home Ready for the New Season!

Seasonal allergies aside, spring is definitely a great time to be out and about, enjoying some sun and the gentle cool breeze. It’s also a great time to freshen up your home, especially after all the modifications you’ve made to get it ready for winter.

And as you may very well know, spring cleaning can be an overwhelming and tedious task. It can also be costly, especially if you take on tasks above your capacity. Here are four simple tips to help you get ready for spring without stress and added expense.

Inspect the Outdoors

From the roof to the driveway and paths, you need to look for signs of damage, and advanced wear and tear.

The roof, for example, can take quite a beating during winter storms. Look for any missing or damaged shingles, broken gutters and pipes, or holes from broken branches. Unless you have experience, it’s best to wait for a professional to get up there and see it for themselves up close. They can take care of any roofing issues and provide seamless gutter repair. 

Refresh With Paint

If you really want to bring the spring season into your home, start by giving the exterior a fresh coat of paint. Surely, the cold and freezing months would have done great damage to the quality of paint as well.

It’s up to you if you want to simply freshen up with the same color or if you want to put on a brand new color. If the paint damage affects the aesthetic of your property to the point that it severely impacts its curb appeal, then you can consider doing a full repaint.

Ready Your Lawn and Garden

It’s time for some fresh flowers and greens on your lawn and backyard! Are your sprinklers still working fine? Check that all the sprinkler heads are intact and not damaged. Also make sure that they are configured to spray the right amount of water in the right direction, so you don’t waste water.

Keep Your Interiors Cool

Check your window screens to keep bugs and mosquitoes out. This way, you can enjoy the cool spring breeze inside your home without worrying about unwanted guests. 

Apart from that, you need to get your HVAC unit checked and maintained. Spring is the best time to get it ready because summer is right around the corner. You’d want it to be releasing cool air with a gentle hum and without leaks. Otherwise, it might mean that you need air conditioning repair.

Again, it would be better to rely on professionals to check your HVAC units. Not only can they help with necessary repairs, but they can also leave you with some useful tips to keep your unit well-maintained.

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