What To Do If the Heat Goes Out

A nonfunctional furnace can be one of the most challenging issues during winter, and a speedy recovery is essential. You can take the following steps if you believe you have a broken furnace or heater. 

1. Check the switch or connection. 

It’s not always true that your heating system is broken when it doesn’t work. Sometimes, the issue is something very simple. The best way to handle this problem is to check the most manageable problem first and then move on if that isn’t the problem.

The initial thing to do when you want to know if your heat isn’t working is to check the connection. Someone might have accidentally switched off the power from brushing up against it. You should find the power button somewhere on the side of the heater, and you can switch it on within a matter of seconds. 

2. Look at the thermostat.

Your thermostat is another reason you may not be getting the heat you desire. Check it to ensure that it’s set to a temperature that makes you comfortable. The heating system won’t heat your home appropriately if you don’t have the thermostat set high enough.

Double-check the settings and then put the temperature to where you need it to be if you see any issues. Try setting the thermostat to a different temperature first just to see if the heating system responds accordingly. 

3. Visit the fuse box. 

Your fuse box might be the problem if none of the other issues seem to be the cause. Visit the room in your home where all the fuses are and ensure that none of them has blown. If so, you can restore functionality quickly. If that isn’t the problem, you can move on to checking the next most likely problem, which is the pilot light. 

4. Relight your pilot light if necessary.

If you have a gas system, you may have to relight the pilot light, as it might have gone out. Find out where your pilot is and fire it up to see if that solves the issue. 

5. Call a professional. 

Don’t be afraid to call out to a professional HVAC specialist if you can’t pinpoint the problem or resolve it yourself. HVAC experts are in business to help you and others keep your heating system working during the cold months and do the same for your cooling system in the summer.

The most important part of hiring a professional to do the work is to ensure that you are dealing with a company with a strong reputation and a proven record of success. If you can say yes to those things, you can feel confident about your choices. 

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