What You Should Ask Your Gutter Installer

Is it time to replace your old rain gutters? If so, you’re probably looking for reliable seamless gutter installation contractors in Ruston, LA. But before you hire someone, you need to make sure you’re on the same page. Don’t automatically go with the first company you find—make sure you interview your potential contractors to find the best person for the job. Here are the top questions you should ask your gutter installer.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

First and foremost, your gutter installation contractor needs to carry the appropriate business licenses and insurance. Insurance is important because if someone gets hurt on your property—and the company doesn’t carry workers’ compensation or liability insurance—you could be liable for those costs. Bonds are often used for large commercial projects, but they can protect you, too. Basically, bonded contractors are guaranteed to either finish the project as directed or pay back whatever deposit you put down.

What kind of gutters do you install?

The next most important question helps determine if the contractor installs the type of gutters you need. Size is particularly important. While most gutters come in a standard five-inch size, bigger can be a lot better. Six-inch gutters handle up to 40 percent more water, which is important during heavy Louisiana storms. You’re less likely to experience flooding, clogs or overflow when you have larger gutters.

Do you use a level during installation?

Asking what kind of tools your contractor uses will help you determine whether they know the gutters need to be properly pitched. Using a level is crucial to this determination. A slight slope is necessary so the water is able to flow down toward the downspouts, instead of pooling and eventually flowing over the top of the gutter.

How closely are gutter hangers spaced?

Hidden gutter hangers help support the gutter, but if they’re spaced too far apart, your gutters will sag and possibly even crack. Look for a contractor who spaces them no more than two feet apart. The more support your gutters have, the better they’ll hold up to heavy rain and debris.

What would you do to improve my gutter design?

Finally, ask your gutter installer what they suggest to improve your gutter design. Most contractors are interested in getting in, getting out and moving on to the next job, but a great installer will propose actual solutions to improve drainage. The more complicated your roof is, the more likely you’ll need additional downspouts, wider gutters and other solutions to keep the water flowing away from your home. Individualized attention is well worth the money, especially when it comes to preventing floods and foundation problems.

Finding the right gutter installer is easy when you know what questions to ask and what qualities to look for. Don’t work with a contractor who refuses to answer these questions.

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