Why Is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

We all know that we rely on our HVAC systems to keep our families comfortable and cozy. That’s why it’s such a blow when these systems can fail. It can really cause a sinking feeling if it happens to you—you turn on your HVAC system on the first hot day of the summer, and it begins to blow hot air. You immediately realize that it needs service of some kind, and possibly even major air conditioning repairs in Ruston, LA.

While it’s always a good idea to call the pros at J & B Air Conditioning, Heating, & Gutters, it’s also helpful to look at some of the reasons why an air conditioning system can fail in the first place.

Double-check the thermostat

We admit it—this one can be a little embarrassing. Nobody wants to feel their air conditioning blowing hot air and realize they should’ve just double-checked the settings on their thermostat. Perhaps you forgot to click it over from heat to air conditioning, or maybe you just had it set to the wrong temperature. No matter what happened, this is actually the lowest impact problem that can occur with your home air conditioner in Ruston, LA. You haven’t spent hundreds of dollars on expensive repairs, nor have you damaged anything. Perhaps you’ve got some wounded pride, but your wallet and your appliances are still in great shape!

Airflow makes it all happen

Any experienced HVAC technician can tell you that the entire system relies on consistent and efficient airflow. Every component related to your HVAC needs a steady supply of air to keep things moving and to keep the temperature at the settings you entered. When the airflow is restricted, the entire system can suffer, and might even lead to the need for air conditioning repairs in Ruston, LA.

If you suspect airflow is the culprit, there’s a few things you should do. First, check your air filter. This is typically in the intake vent, and if it hasn’t been replaced in a while, you should replace it immediately. Additionally, your coils can be dirty, which restricts the entire process and means you should give the pros a call to take a look and clean the coils if necessary.

Check the electricity

Any air conditioning system is basically made up of two parts: the inside unit and the outside unit. The inside unit actually blows the cool air throughout your home, but it can really only be empowered to do this with a good supply from the outside one. Your outside unit might not be getting any power if you have a problem like this, so make sure the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped and the outside unit is getting the power it needs.

At J & B Air Conditioning, Heating, & Gutters, working with air conditioning is what we do—we’ve been at it for 40 years, and we know that air conditioning repairs in Ruston, LA can be an intimidating proposition. Give us a call anytime if the above checklist doesn’t get your AC unit up and running again, and we’ll be proud to provide top-quality service.

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